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As a Jr. & Sr. counselor I can lead at the following session(s) list 1 or 2
CLASS & CRAFTS CAMP! JULY 24-28 $170.00
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
CIT Counselor 3+ yrs. 5th (camp fee)
Jr. Couns. 3 + yrs. 6th -8th Lead. WS (Camp fee)
Sr. Counselor 3+ yrs & Jr. Coun. exper. 9th & up
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Summer CAMP Payment
CLASS & CRAFTS $170.00 time 9-2:00 pay infull CC
Trad Camp paid in full Credit Card $210.00 -0 bal.
Trad. Camp mailed deposit $110.00 Balance 100.00
Trad. + Before/after Care $250.00 pd in full
Trad. + Before /After Care pd. $125.00 bal $125.00
Trad. + Lunch Program $260.00 pd in full
Trad. + Lunch Prog. pd $130.00 Bal $130.00
Trad. ++ B/A Care + Lunch $299.00pd in full
Trad. ++ B/A Care + Lunch pd $150.00 bal $150.00
Jr. Couns. 6th grade $210.00 includes Lead WS
Jr. Coun. 7th & 8th Lead. WS $75.00
Sr. Counselor 9th & up leadership WS $75
Contact Us at  985-705-9288 
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 Camp Fee 
19 Deloaks Dr.
Madisonville , LA 70447
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