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My name is Charlotte Couvillion, I started Camp Girl Biz in 2006. I was inspired to create a camp that was innovated, creative and special. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and encouraging our future entrepreneurs and fashionistas!

My background and ventures over the past 10 years have prepared me for Camp Girl Biz. I have developed several products, which have been marketed, sold and exhibited at major trade shows and then to stores across the country!

I have traveled to China for product research and development. My ideas have been recognized by QVC, The Oprah Show, American Inventor and Made in the USA TV shows.

I am a certified teacher. I have returned to the teaching profession and currently teach at a school on the northshore...which I love!

Camp Girl Biz and Fashion Design allows me to teach girls with an entrepreneurial spirit, all the things that I have learned in what it takes to, "Bring a product to market!"

I hope to see you at Camp girl Biz this summer for an experience you will always remember!


Charlotte Couvillion


Girls Give Back!

Camp Girl Biz Girls know the importance of sharing their gifts and talents and giving back to the community!



St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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